Sri Lanka is one of the best romantic destinations in the whole world. The land of serendipity brings spiritual tranquillity and a chance to rediscover oneself. The beauty of this tiny paradise island is simply breath-taking. Well known for its enchanting ancient ruins, world heritage sites, endless soft-sanded beaches, imposing mountains, colourful festivals, tempting water sports, dense wild-life, diverse ethnical groups and the top hospitality from the local residents, Sri Lanka is bound to make you come back again. If you’re thinking of travelling to an exotic island in the Indian Ocean, let this be your ultimate travel guide to get knows things about Sri Lanka.


Visa for Sri Lanka

First things to know about Sri Lanka is how to get visa. Like many other Asian countries, Sri Lanka does offer a visa on arrival. However, you can apply for an electronic visa or E-visa to save your time at the airport. Visit the official government website of and obtain acknowledgement of ETA application. An E-Visa is a double entry visa for 30 days, which is usually enough for most of the travellers. The fee for an E-visa is $35 for all the countries but is only $20 for SAARC countries.

Sri Lankan Culture

When you visit any place around the world there is definitely a sense of a culture shock, and it is simply because you are not used to the way people live in different cultures. However, Sri Lanka’s rich vibrant and endearing culture that is easy to become accustomed to.  Sri Lanka is one of the fascinating countries in Asia due to its rich history and cultural attractions enhance by arts, architecture and spectacular festivals.  This country has a vast mix of traditional as well as more modernized cultural elements, which makes it a place of curiosity and interested for visitors. Sri Lanka also is a perfect place to travel with kids. It is a safe country and your little ones will love it just as much as you will.

Have small cash

Tuk-tuks, small restaurants and shops will usually not have change for big bills. Thankfully ATM machines can be found everywhere in the country to withdraw money. Some international cards are not very successful so bring more than one. I suggest you carry a few US Dollars or Euros to be safe if such a situation arises. You can always head to a bank to exchange currency in case your card doesn’t work. Another important point to note is that most of the banks are open till 3 pm, which is quite early as compared to international standards.

Is the Tap water safe to drink?

In Sri Lanka, the locals mostly drink tap water but it is always advisable to stick with bottled water. Although the tap water is safe for locals, it might not good enough for you because it may contain micro-organisms that your body is not used to. Don’t take a health risk while travelling and please stick to bottled water.

Food and Restaurants

Sri Lankan foods are healthy and really delicious.  The cuisine mainly consists of (steamed) rice and curry. Curry usually takes various forms and thereby brings versatility to dishes. Curries can not only be made using meat or fish but with vegetables and fruits where the dish becomes a delicacy. It is similar to Indian food but with a mild difference. If you order “rice and curry” here, there will usually be a big pile of rice but also up to 10 varieties of curries will be served. It is mainly a few vegetables and one dish of meat or seafood so it is a very healthy and balanced diet. In smaller towns, a meal can cost around 500 LKR (less than $3) but can go as high as 1000 LKR in bigger towns.

Where to go in Sri Lanka?

Most of the people think that Sri Lanka is mostly about the beaches. In fact, it is a destination that covers all the travel themes such as adventure, Culture, Eco, mass and wildlife. A beautiful climate and the fact it is an island that still feels like a bit of a secret there’s never been a better time to visit Sri Lanka.

Explore the lush green tea districts

Whether you’re going to Sri Lanka for a holiday with your family or travelling with your better half, visiting Sri Lanka’s lush green tea districts is an absolute necessity. Sri Lanka has seven tea districts and each one is known to produce tea with a rich, distinct character and aroma that tea connoisseurs consider one of best in the world. Tea plantations in Kandy don’t exceed more than 1300 meters and produce intensely flavoursome, full-bodied tea with bright copper tones.

Nature and wildlife

Sri Lanka is a luscious island with so much wildlife to see. Take a boat tour where you can see blue whales and dolphins or don your scuba equipment and join a trip where you can dive with the impressive marine life. There are over 5,8000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka as well as the biggest concentration of leopards in the world. Head to one of the national parks or sanctuaries where you can also see animals such as bears, buffalos and zebras.

Experience the royal Sri Lankan heritage

Make your trip memorable by visiting Sri Lanka’s most famous historical sites and ancient temples that will leave you mesmerized with their picturesque beauty. From December to March, the best places to visit are Sigirya Rock, Yala National Park, the Anuradhapura temple and the Dambulla cave temple, Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress, northern Matale District

Beautiful Beaches

Sri Lanka is host to so many beautiful beaches that are a far cry from tacky sand-stretched miles packed with stalls selling cheap souvenirs. Jungle beach in Unawatuna is a real hidden gem, tucked through (you guessed it) a jungle and Mirissa beach offers a really serene atmosphere for relaxing, swimming or learning about Sri Lankan lace making. The island has so many gems to explore and find, it’s a great place for discovery. We hope you find this short travel guide useful in planning your holiday in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re out on a family trip or your honeymoon, be sure to check out these places to make your stay in Sri Lanka memorable