Our exclusive Sri Lanka travel packages will touch your soul with amazing experiences while offering a relaxing time in cosy hotels. During your stay, you will be treated with warm hospitality that comes from the heart. The tours are created to show you the most interesting and attractive locations and to allow you to unwind and have an enjoyable time. You will meet fascinating people and you will discover incredible places; that is why we are sure you will have an amazing, fulfilling holiday and wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Sri Lanka and Maldives are two wonderful countries that anyone should visit at least once in their lives. The beauty of these islands is simply breathtaking: CAPITAL Lanka Tours offers some incredible tour packages that will satisfy everyone’s desire of travelling and discovering new destinations.

Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka is a tiny island located in South Asia featuring a variety of incredible landscapes and climates. The mountains, sandy beaches, hills, rain forests and national parks..

Maldives Tours

The Maldives comprises an archipelago of 200 inhabited and 991 uninhabited islands in 26 natural atolls and it is located in the Indian Ocean about 670km west of Sri Lanka.