Usefully tips that can follow for hassle free travelling with kids in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka also is a perfect place to travel with kids. It is a safe country and your little ones will love it just as much as you will. However, travelling with kids can be daunting at the best of times, and even more so when taking a long-haul flight plus going on tour. Hope your family holiday run smoothly with these 8 tips on travelling with kids in Sri Lanka:

1. Limit the distances

Advice your tour operator to be conscious of the travel time between destinations.

2. Take it easy

Take your time at each destination, allowing the children to adjust and relax.

3. Snacks and short eats

A hungry child can turn a fun filled day in to a stressful experience in a matter of minutes. Many local stalls will sell mainly spicy snacks, fruits and short eats. So make sure you stock up in your local supermarket (Few names: Keels, Cargills and Arpico).

4. Stay hydrated

Take advantage of the local natural drinks and give them coconut water in the morning to stay hydrated. It’s a great way to hydrate quickly should they have a long day in the sun also.

5. Strollers vs Baby carrier

A stroller is always appealing as it gives you a break, however bear in mind that much of Sri Lanka doesn’t have a pavement, therefore you will be walking on the side of the road which may not always be even or have much space. My personal opinions… bring both. If you don’t have the capacity to do that then I would opt for a baby carrier.

6. Travelling with a baby or toddler?

Branded nappies, wipes and formula can be overpriced on the island, however should you not wish to travel with them in your suitcase you will find them available in your local supermarket (Keels, Cargills or Arpico can be found in most towns), or pharmacy. Many airports will allow baby milk and baby food to be carried through security in containers over 100ml. They usually open containers to screen contents at the security point. It’s worth checking with the airports you’ll be travelling through, just to make sure.